The Evil of Intention (Ep.127)

Understanding how appealing to intention can be used to manipulate you is one of the core components to understanding intellectual self-defense. People try to wave off their responsibility all the time simply by saying “I didn’t mean it”. However, there is a deeper question here: why is this manipulative technique SO EFFECTIVE, especially at the… Continue reading The Evil of Intention (Ep.127)

Intro to SAVING THE WEST (Ep.126)

Blackpillers beware! Once you understand the framework of civilizations and the challenges the West has successfully navigated in the past, you realize that it is absolutely possible to navigate the challenges of the present. Dylan from Irida TV was invited onto the Apocatastasis Institute to discuss Carroll Quigley’s book The Evolution of Civilizations and how… Continue reading Intro to SAVING THE WEST (Ep.126)

How to Battle Vested Interests with Brent Urbanik (Ep.124)

It often feels impossible to resist large organizations that have become entrenched and corrupt. How could anyone possibly fight back against entities that have access to so many resources? Any vested interest develops a weakness, and resistance must include exploiting that weakness. This episode is a practical, real world example of what it takes to… Continue reading How to Battle Vested Interests with Brent Urbanik (Ep.124)