How I Invented Social Networking Before British Elites Stole It – With Founder Mike McKibben (Ep.11)

Chairman and founder of Leader Technologies, Inc. ( Michael T. McKibben joins us to explain how an elite group called the Pilgrims Society helped Big Tech steal critical social networking components from him, and how this has facilitated today’s centralization and weaponization of social media. A fascinating plethora of connected historical facts, figures, and perspectives are discussed.


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James Miller

This is the secret of the last 200 years. This will go over the heads of most people. This research is of great importance, and has been put in perspective by a brilliant engineer who should be the wealthiest man on the planet…given the value of the ‘Internet of Things’…which he invented.

John Miller

This sounds like a lot of fluff with no substance. Really easy test to see if this guy is for real. He claims Eclipse Foundation stole his code. All Eclipse software is open source and always has been since the very start. He could pull up all of the Eclipse code right now for free and he obviously has his own code. So have him show us the side-by-side comparison with his original code next to the supposedly stolen Eclipse code. If they really did steal his stuff, it would be incredibly easy to demonstrate. If your guest here can’t show us that kind of basic evidence, I think it’s safe to say he’s a con man.

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