Western Civilization’s Past, Present & Future – With Dr. E Michael Jones (Ep.8)

Author Dr. E Michael Jones joins us to discuss Western civilization’s history, its unique qualities, and how to forge a successful path forward for it through today’s crises and challenges.


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Mary Meijer

One of the best discussions I’ve seen. You had good questions and Mike was a able to weave many of his key insights from his vast treasure trove into a coherent, concise order. 
I too would watch another discussion on TV Irida with Dr Jones.
Things are ratcheting up, happening fast and getting so serious it is scary. These discussions raise consciousness which will at the right moment catch a spark and a conflagration can begin. I had similar questions about the fate of western civilisation as it appears we are under threat. May I add that the message of Jesus Christ is central to Logos.

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