Blackpillers and Determinists Are Your Enemy (Ep.96)

On this show, we discuss how being blackpilled and accepting determinism are forms of cowardice and the most effective weapons of your enemy.

If someone wishes to defeat you, the easiest, least expensive way to do so is to convince you that you cannot win and that all is hopeless. Of course, the only reason they would do this is if they don’t want you to put up any resistance, which could only mean the resistance would be effective.

What’s even more potent is if you are so demoralized that you spread that demoralization to others like a virus, further crippling any resistance to those who would destroy you.

A blackpilled person is like an enemy within the gates actively working to undermine your side’s defenses to improve the odds of an enemy attack. A determinist rejects the idea of personal responsibility because free will is a necessary requirement for responsibility to exist. Thus responsibility is just another word for free will. You actualize your power through your active free will decisions, meaning a determinist aims to remove you of your power and convincing you that you’re nothing more than a frail leaf in the winds of reality.

Thus you should view both blackpillers and determinists as being in alliance with your enemies.

Furthermore, blackpilling and determinism are forms of cowardice AND laziness because they’re the exact reasons someone needs in order not to act. They’re the perfect excuses to become an armchair quarterback. To the blackpillers and determinists, action is anathema because, were it otherwise, they would have to admit that they are responsible for acting. If you act, it proves the blackpiller wrong, thus they are extra incentivized to blackpill YOU.

Because blackpilling and determinism stifle action, they therefore make you weak. Ergo someone attempting to blackpill you or convince you of determinism is trying to take your power away, which is indistinguishable from an enemy attempting to disarm you.

Again, this is a reason to view a blackpiller or a determinist as direct and hostile enemies, and you should directly and openly treat them as such.


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