Controlling People by Controlling Responsibility (Ep.107)

Pride month got me thinking about how to effectively disarm the forces who control us with words. We are objectively responsible for our actions, but we subjectively choose to believe that or not. If we can control someone else’s belief in what they are responsible for, we can control actions. How do you defend yourself against this?

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James Miller

The first step is to have knowledge as a framework. What knowledge? The first step is to acknowledge that all humans are wretched creatures incapable of sustaining any framework that is more powerful than evil without God…more specifically the savior Jesus Christ, whose sole purpose in this universe is to relieve man of the wretchedness of sin from the Garden. Without this recognition, and the fear of God (the love of man), all is ‘vanity’ in this universe. Salomon, the anointed son of David, given all the gifts in the world, including God’s wisdom, could not overcome his wretchedness, as he fell from grace ‘in the world’. When we recognize our real purpose, who we really are in this ‘moment of time’ then wisdom, inspiration, and perspective are provide commensurate with one’s ‘fear of God’. Note: fear is not being ‘afraid’, is means that we recognize our condition, and pray for forgiveness… and are then ‘born again’ into a ‘new universe’. This is the Christian ethos. It is the greatest path to wisdom and grace in this world, but only if we acknowledge that the transformation that God almighty wants us to go through, is not ‘in this world’, but in the next, and the ‘gate’ is simply by the transformation of our ‘hearts’ into that of Jesus Christ. All other things are vanity.

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