Intellectual Self Defense PART 1 – The Four Circuits (Ep. 121)

Learn to how stop being pushed around by sophists, bullies, and manipulators!

This is PART 1 of a 3-part series on intellectual self-defense: The Four Circuits of Human Interaction. In this series you will learn how to defend your mind in from an angle you’ve never experienced before. This is NOT a course on formal logic. This series will turn you into an intellectual self-defense ninja in a matter of hours, not a matter of months or even years.

The emphasis on Part 1 is to clearly define manipulation, in order to speed up identifying it.

WARNING: You will not see the world the same after this. You will suddenly realize which of your relationships are manipulative, and understanding this content may lead you ending those relationships. Proceed only if you’re serious about improving your life!

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