Is There Proof For God’s Existence? (Ep.75)

After a little gossip about Elon Musk’s Twitter we delve into a theological paper called “The Contingency of Knowledge and Revelatory Theism” written by Russ M. Manion which discusses the transcendental argument for God. Russ delves into a concise recap of the history & challenges of atheistic philosophy spanning from Rationalism through Empiricism, Skepticism & Pragmatism, and juxtaposes these philosophies against the theistic belief that a conscious God created the universe with a purpose in mind.


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James Miller

Many years ago, I entered into a 3 year study group at the Capital Hill Presbyterian Church which hosted ‘Bible Study Fellowship’. The group of 10 men to which I was assigned were mostly scientists either in their own business or professors at the U. W. College. I spent 3 years with this group and graduated. None of these brilliant gifted men, conflated their scientific work with the crusade to ‘annihilate God’. To the contrary, they were the most devoted Christian men I’ve ever met. Most of them were physics majors, or in some development work based on the ‘laws of God’…which is what ‘physics’ explores. None of them were on a quest to annihilate God…they accepted the gift of wisdom, the completeness of the ‘word’ and were committed to the exploration of ‘perfection’. By accepting this non-political quest for divine knowledge…they in fact were exposed to its wisdom. The most beautiful part of this experience…was that they were most willing to share if you asked. And I asked a multitude of questions. Science…does not deny God…it only explores that which was given to man. Amen.

Eric Moon

I love you guys. God bless both of you.


Always interesting, but if God exists, then it knows what it takes to convince me in ways that no human could possibly manage.

I’m not going to trust something as important as God on the words of mere mortals.

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