Irida TV Makes Move On Election Integrity In Washington State (Ep.56)

Dylan Moore with IridaTV unveils his strategy to improve a key component of election integrity within Washington State! Joined by lawyer Pete Serrano of the Silent Majority Foundation they discuss the gaping hole in Washington State’s election system, how they’re using state law to address it administratively, and what you can expect to hear from the Governor of Washington State about it.


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Deryl McCarty

I would also propose using a human checkback system. If the Auditor has two ballots (i.e. you – or someone – has gone back into your first, last and BD, and requested a second ballot) then a human should call or otherwise contact the voter and ask if the second ballot is still necessary. For example, “Did you know that we now have two ballots from you? You will need to explain or come into the office to identify which is the one you wish us to count.” Otherwise, we will accept and process only the original, not the computer-generated second ballot. Except for the human contact part, I believe (I was the Pierce County Deputy Auditor) that if a second ballot is requested and given, it will not be counted if an original ballot arrives before certification. If no original ballot is received, THEN the second ballot is accepted. This was done mostly for the military who may not have received a ballot in time or the postal system did not catch up with the soldier on the leading edge of battle. (And yes, we do allow internet time at some pretty remote and dangerous locales. While I am Air Force (retired) the internet-generated ballot at etc is the only way I can communicate with a nuke sailor whose location is slightly below sea level and would prefer not to be pinpointed by various and sundry foreign militaries.)

I like the password idea but would like it better if it requires you to change a password through an email or mobile system. I.e, we send an email/text to a specified and recorded text phone or email (along with recording the IP address or personal – not disposable – SIM) and THEN you choose a password that allows you to change your voter data – but not until the new password is official. I would think that your phone/email is not data that is releasable to the general public.

The bottom line is that the voter data in WA is an interconnected bunch of information from virtually every state and local agency. Look how easy it was to get into the Employment Security database and just change the address or routing number of the EBT or bank to which your unemployment compensation is sent. (And how much that cost us? >$650m.)

In an auditor’s office recording, voting, and licensing data are present. One can not only change the address to which the ballot is to be mailed but the name on the title to your land. So a password is a fair start. But it can be outwitted by a VPN, fake email directories, or a Signal-like app.

We have a long way to go in WA (and across the country). I am not sure our LOCAL political hackers have it together yet at least to any great extent. But with Dino’s 129 vote loss as a history lesson, it would not take much. But the fact that at a Microsoft Security seminar recently it was commented that there are 800 attempted password hacks against government computers in the US per second – 24/7 (2021.) And these are not, as I say in my campaign speeches, 15-year-old boys in their mother’s basement mad at the world because they could not get a prom date. These are unfriendly national actors and criminal organizations. Does Scattered Canary ring a bell? This is not the stuff of conspiracy theories, this is the stuff of conspiracies.)

I sometimes end a campaign speech with this. What is the difference in its effect on society between a nuclear weapon and a ballot? None. So we should guard and protect those two things just the same.

Sorry for the long comment. You just hit a multitude of my buttons and the reason I am running for Pierce County Auditor.

Deryl McCarty

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