Practical Steps to Secure Election Integrity In YOUR County – With WA Clark County Auditor Candidate Brett Simpson (Ep.71)

Dylan Moore with Irida TV interviews WA State Clark County Auditor Candidate Brett Simpson about his campaign and his practical knowledge of how to practically fight back against a compromised election system.


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James M. Miller

“Sec. 60. RCW 29A.60.060 and 2011 c 10 s 49 are each amended to 29 read as follows: 30 After the close of ((the)) voting ((center)) at 8:00 p.m., the 31 county auditor must directly load the results from any direct recording 32 electronic memory pack into the central accumulator.”
Herein is one component of a chain of events that make Washington State’s election process a ‘magic show’. “ELECTRONIC MEMORY PACK”…”DIRECTLY LOAD” are the key words. Any computer programmer past 6th grade, knows that memory packs and direct loading have ‘ZERO’ bearing on ‘integrity’…as total chain of custody of the ‘data’ is lost…the logic being that the ‘mindful intent’ of the ‘actor’ or ‘official’ cannot be known, humans cannot ‘see’ software instructions, and silicon circuits in ‘memory chips’ cannot be observed. Thus there is ZERO integrity. Only six sentences are given to this process which controls the ‘ENTIRE OUTCOME’ of the election, yet 6 paragraphs are given to ‘signatures’ which are now only ‘statistically’ sampled in the largest populated counties. The entire process has been created to be ‘CHEATED’ so that candidates are pre-selected and then merely validated by a criminal process.

James M. Miller

Until mail-in ballots and election machines are banned, there can be ZERO practical steps for election integrity than have any validity past being part of the ‘magic show’ itself. The people who are proposing such ‘PRACTICAL STEPS’ are either incredibly naïve or are actual participants in the active campaign to protect the criminal election process itself…there is no polite manner by which to convey this truth. A bad actor who contravenes the election process, in part or directly, by ignorance or stupidity is an agent of sedition in fact and must be treated in said manner. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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