Weaponized Domestic Terrorism Legislation Coming to a State Near You! AND WHAT TO DO TO FIX IT! (Ep. 80)

Mark Herr, Zoe Warren, and Mila Wood from The Center for Self-Governance join Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss ongoing attempts to introduce domestic terrorism legislation at the state level in every state around country.

The most recent iteration comes from Washington State Attorney General issuing a report calling for the Washington State legislature to introduce such legislation.

Mark, Zoe, and Warren detail the bigger picture of what’s going on behind this push at legislation, and what it would mean for the structure of our society and of our government were it to be passed. More importantly, they discuss HOW TO BLOCK IT. Zoe and Milo in particular tell of their experience handling domestic terrorism legislation in their respective states, South Carolina and Idaho.

Show Notes:

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