Believing in the Rapture Makes You Lazy and Irresponsible (Ep.120)

Prophecy of the future of the saved and the damned, or a made up nonsense that’s attractive to lazy people who want to be lazy? You can’t claim to be good while standing down to evil, and belief in the Rapture causes people to do just that.

The Rapture is a modern interpretation of the book of Revelation that has never been the accepted understanding in church history until the 1800s. The moral of the story of the Rapture is “Stand down, because you’re already saved”.


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Patricia Bailey

Hey Dylan, nice work. I agree with you completely. I tend to think people let the traditional creeds or their preachers (indoctrinated by captured seminaries) interpret the Bible. The futurist stuff muddies the waters so much that it makes the Bible inscrutable and so people believe it’s too hard to interpret on their own. If we let the scriptures speak, we would all be preterists. 😁

I’m in the Seattle area and have a small YouTube called Preterist Papers. I give a 5-6 minute introduction and people can print out the documentation if they want. I love doing this work. Michael Sullivan is on my recommended list. Take a peek at #1 (5 minutes) and see what you think.

Thanks again for bringing this to people’s attention. We need active, engaged Christians.

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