Usury and Self-Oppression (Ep.113)

Some thoughts following up a great conversation with Dr. E Michael Jones on usury, banking, and business. How do we identify where the SYSTEM is oppressing us vs. where we are suppressing ourselves? Adjusting ourselves is always easier than adjusting others, so how do we identify those cases to put our energy into the best… Continue reading Usury and Self-Oppression (Ep.113)

Banking Without Usury: A Thought Experiment (Ep.111)

In a financial system where we have a banking system that generates money out of nothing, what is the purpose of borrowers paying any interest at all? What is the societal purpose of banks to begin with? If usury is wrong at any level, even at a 1% interest, how could we have a banking… Continue reading Banking Without Usury: A Thought Experiment (Ep.111)

What’s Wrong with the Official Banking Narrative? (Ep. 110)

We discuss the mainstream narratives of banking and economics and examine glaring flaws in it, referencing an analysis by economist Prof. Richard Werner. Notes: Shifting from Central Planning to a Decentralised Economy Find all our content at Check out our forbidden news aggregator at

The First Republic Bank Collapse: Systemic Causes & Cures (Ep.99)

We discuss the recent collapse of First Republic Bank, its systemic, institutional causes, and what could be done to resolve these issues overnight. Notes: Analysis: U.S. banks face trillion-dollar reverse repo headache First Republic, he added, “lost so much in deposits, they have to replace that funding somehow, so they’re doing it with borrowing.”… Continue reading The First Republic Bank Collapse: Systemic Causes & Cures (Ep.99)

The SVB Collapse & Banking Basics Explained (Ep.93)

We delve into a detailed discussion into how banking works and what happened during the lead-up to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. A lot of self proclaimed experts are coming out of the woodwork to proclaim another 2008 banking crisis. If you want to make sense of the fog and confusion you should most… Continue reading The SVB Collapse & Banking Basics Explained (Ep.93)

The Truth About The Debt Ceiling Debate (Ep.87)

We discuss the recurring drama surrounding the US government’s debt ceiling, and how a comprehensive understanding of modern monetary theory and public finance can help you eliminate a lot of fog and confusion regarding the topic. Notes: Timcast IRL – Let’s Put An Actual Ceiling On Debt US warned of defaults Dave Brat… Continue reading The Truth About The Debt Ceiling Debate (Ep.87)

The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism – Part 3 (Ep.82)

We continue the discussion of Peter Zeihan’s book “The End of the World is just the Beginning”, focusing on his financial and demographic analysis of the current state of the disintegrating world of global trade, and delving into some observations regarding specific countries around the world. We also share thoughts as to how and why… Continue reading The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism – Part 3 (Ep.82)

The Case For Student Loan Forgiveness (Ep.67)

Nima and Dylan discuss the case for student loan forgiveness and the common arguments made for and against it. What about moral hazard? Why should the taxpayer throw money at irresponsible, lazy students after they made dumb choices? And what about the inevitably ensuing inflation?? Notes: Find all our content & social media at

How Do Money & Banking Actually Work? (Ep.66)

Dylan and Nima discuss three different theories of money and banking and which one appears to be most accurate, based on a 2018 Rhodes Forum conversation involving Prof. Richard Werner, author of the international bestseller “Princes of the Yen.” Notes: Conversation with Prof. Richard Werner Prof. Richard Werner Princes of the Yen… Continue reading How Do Money & Banking Actually Work? (Ep.66)

MMT VS Austrian Economics: Why Do Dollars & Cryptocurrency Have Value? (Ep. 63)

Dylan & Nima discuss the so called Inflation Reduction Act, Modern Monetary Theory, cryptocurrency, Anarcho-capitalism, and many other related topics. Notes: Grand Theft World podcast Inflation Reduction Act Find all our content at