Moloch vs. Lucifer with Ian Ferguson (Ep.114)

Ian Ferguson from White Lotus of Light joins us to discuss a nuance you probably never considered before. Who is Moloch, the Canaanite god from the Old Testament, and what’s his relationship to Lucifer? Does the term “Satan” describe Lucifer or something far more sinister? Get ready for a wild ride in this conversation! Notes:… Continue reading Moloch vs. Lucifer with Ian Ferguson (Ep.114)

SHOCKING LIVE STREAM: Progressive & MAGA Guy Agree On Everything (Ep. 64)

Dylan of Irida TV joins our friend Tommy on his progressive show Tommy Nation Politics to discuss FBI corruption, student loans forgiveness, Trump, usury, labor, the right to work, Neoliberalism & much more. Notes: Tommy Nation Politics Find all our content at