How to Leverage Debt and Usury Against Itself (Ep.138)

Would you be surprised to learn that your schooling experience didn’t provide you the tools to use loans and debt products to your advantage? For most people, interest is the second biggest expense in their lives after taxes. What if I told you you’ve been trained to pay 80% interest while thinking you’re paying 6%?… Continue reading How to Leverage Debt and Usury Against Itself (Ep.138)

Usury and Self-Oppression (Ep.113)

Some thoughts following up a great conversation with Dr. E Michael Jones on usury, banking, and business. How do we identify where the SYSTEM is oppressing us vs. where we are suppressing ourselves? Adjusting ourselves is always easier than adjusting others, so how do we identify those cases to put our energy into the best… Continue reading Usury and Self-Oppression (Ep.113)