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Projection: Whatever your enemies are accusing you of, that's what they're doing.
Dylan and Nima or Irida TV ARE DOING IT LIVE!

Live stream starting soon! Topic: The Debt Ceiling is Fake and Gray





Live stream just went down. We're back up.
Went to boxing class this morning.

There was a new guy doing a try-out class.

He was wearing not one, but TWO masks.

I was waiting for him to pass out the entire class.
Modern economics is bullshit
When complicated instruments are involved they should never ever lead to binding conclusions. They can only ever be used to corroborate a claim, never to suggest a definitive conclusion. Otherwise you WILL be taken advantage of, guaranteed.
Forwarded from DissentWatch
NEW - Fraud probe underway on US drug-tester used in custody cases – media - RT

Uh, I want one
Forwarded from Election Wizard
BREAKING — Maine GOP ousts Chair, Demi Kouzounas, for supporting Ronna McDaniel’s re-election.
There is a Red Wave that everyone missed.