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JUST IN - Pfizer CEO has COVID for second time in 6 weeks.

But muh petrodollar
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JUST IN - Italy's center-right bloc heads for election victory. Giorgia Meloni to become next prime minister — exit poll

BRAND NEW! Mark Herr from the Center For Self Governance joins Dylan Moore from Irida TV to discuss the purpose and history of the educational system. If the system is so terrible, is there any reason why we should keep it? Who benefits in the event that the educational system is dismantled?
I'm still struggling to understand the trend of increased tattoos and piercings that I see everywhere.
Newsflash: there is a 97.4% chance that your tattoo is lame.
I met a guy in Austria once who had his back covered in a tattoo of Shiva.

He told me the story about it. His father had fallen off of a cliff in India and died when he was very young. When he was older, he went to India to find the cliff. He found it, and when he was there, some Hindu priests met him and asked him what he was doing.

He told them about his father dying there, and the priests told him they wanted to do a ritual that involved giving him a tattoo.

The tattoo would take 24 hours to complete, and he had one shot. He would receive the tattoo as long as he could take the pain. Once he said stop, then the priests would stop for good, and he would be stuck with whatever amount of progress they had made.

He made it 8 hours before throwing in the towel. He said he had tattoo artists offer to finish it afterwards, but he always said no because of the significance of the tattoo and the ritual.

This is an example of a non-lame tattoo.

But the rose or dolphin or whatever on your ankle is cool, too.
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I found a picture someone posted of Nima in Florida.
“In the DPR, more than 99% of voters backed the idea of joining Russia, early official figures outline. The referendum in the LPR yielded a similar result, with more than 98% of voters behind the potential reunification.”